Where can you get the best original Sacher? Where is the cutest Café? Where do they have the best coffee and awesome food? What not to miss? That´s what you will find in this article.

Each historical place, restaurant or café have a link to foursquare. Just click the name and you will be forwarded to the page, where you will find detailed information, review and map.

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Burggasse 68 (Myrthengasse), 1070 Vídeň, Rakousko
Video is HERE.

Looking for a coffee place, the main idea was to find a sweet cozy place. We didn´t want anything big, full of people. Quite a challenge, because that was exactly typical for Vienna Cafés.
After some search we found this one. It has two branches: One located close to Schonbrun and the second one just a few minutes off the main street. This is the latter. 
As you can see, this place is very cozy. You can sit both in or outside, where there are nice and original tables.
This place mainly concentrates on various pies and bagels.
We actually went twice there. The first time we had Chai latté (average), hot chocolate (tasted like a nice coco) and a brownie with vanilla ice cream (absolutely genius, perfect, I´d love one right one).
The second time we had bagels. On the menu it said "the best bagels in town". Unfortunately, after the first great vibe we were really disappointed. Bagels were below average, dry, even though made from fresh ingredients. Bagel itself cold, not fresh. And the price: cca. 12 EUR. Furthermore, I decided to try their "famous" apple pie and was even more disappointed. The crust was a little watery, apples without taste.
So that´s it. The place itself was great, full, probably quite popular, the staff very friendly, but the food very random. But even so do go visit and have a brownie, if nothing else. The atmosphere was very nice.
Altgasse 12 (Fasholdgasse), 1130 Vídeň, Rakousko
Video is HERE.

Since we kinda liked the first place, we decided to visit the second branch, which was supposed to be a little different, yet still cozy. We went by metro half across Vienna and only at the door did have we found out that they are closed. What a shame. Luckily Schonbrun was close and we therefore decided to have a beautiful walk through the castle gardens. There we found another cute place, unfortunately also closed. 
Pilgramgasse 31050 Vídeň, Rakousko
Video is HERE.

When we woke up on the last day, we decided to find something interesting, small with a family feel. And this time we were lucky and found Sascha.
Yes, we were served by very pleasant Sascha. Café was small and cute with little decorations. Two tables, one blackboard and a bar. Then again, what else do you need. We sat at the table by the window and watched the street life.
Sascha made me a very strong coffee (which was great) and for Arty an amazing hot chocolate. He just took some chocolate and he dissolved it on a mini hot plate. Afterwards he just poured it into a pretty cup. It was really creamy and yummy. So, definitely a big recommend from me :)
If you area looking for a cozy, original place, go visit Sascha :)
Königsklostergasse 7 (Theobaldgasse), 1060 Vídeň, Rakousko
Video is HERE.

The last day, as we were walking around Vienna, we began to lose hope . There was nothing we liked anywhere. That was until we again searched Foursquare and found Akrap. We didn´t really think it will be anything special based on the photos. But that´s how it always works - if you expect too much, you will be disappointed and vice versa.
Akrap is a tiny coffee place with two tables by the windows and one in the middle. You can also sit at the bar, but that´s it. We were served by a very nice guy, only to find out later that it was the owner. He told us about the place, his origins and his coffee. Not only he imports his own coffee, but he sells a really cool coffee machine that is a good alternative to all the capsule machines (it uses its own high quality capsules).
Aside from coffee the place also serves brownies home made by his mother. I must say they were really delicious.
If there were more coffee places like this, it would be great. Direct contact with the owner, who obviously loves his work, is the best thing you can get. So if you ever come to Vienna, don´t forget to stop by Akrap Finest Coffee.
Video is HERE.
Akrap Café has a door that connects it to a very interesting neighbour -  a small store owned by a young man, who decided to come up with interesting recipes, make photos of the meal and place the cards around the store. When you come to the store, you take a card and buy the ingredients for it. And what is so cool about that? Everything is being sold in small packages as required by recipes. Therefore you dont need to buy 1kg of salt when you need 50g, or a bag of garlic if you just need one piece.
The idea is great and I´m really rooting for him. If for nothing else, then for the fact that all the ingredients and very nice and of the highest quality. And most of it comes from farmers, and that is something I really like.
So if you do visit Akrap Finest Coffee, dont forget to visit it´s cool neighour. The owner will be happy to take you there :)

This map was created about 5 years ago by our friend Iveta, who lives in Vienna.
When we went there this New Year, we once again decided to use it.
So definitely try not to miss these places. It´s basically everything you should see and will be able to see in one day.

1. Rathhaus - Schmidtplatz
2. Universitat Wien
3. Burgtheater
4. Parlament
5. Museums Quartier Messepalast
6. Burggarten
7. Nacht markt (huge market)
8. Shopping street Maria hilfer strasse
9. Great sacher
10. Stephans platz
11. Karlsplatz
12. Bestschnitzel in Vienna
13. Maria Theresia platz,  Naturhist. museum, Kunthist museum
Schönbrunner Schloßstr. 471130 Vídeň, Rakousko

This castle is located very close to Pure living bakery. So you can visit two places. It´s a beautiful building, surrounded by greenery, sights and gardens. We went there twice in the winter, but in the summer it must be really amazing.
Prinz-Eugen-Str. 271030 Vídeň, Rakousko

Summer residence of Prince Eugen of Savoy. Inside you will find an art gallery.

Albertinaplatz 11010 Vídeň, Rakousko

It´s an art museum and world renowned exhibition gallery.
Stephansplatz 31010 Vídeň, Rakousko

This cathedral is a huge dominant of Vienna. When you stand in front of it you feel like you are in Milan. Unfortunately you do not have the same opportunities to make photos of the cathedral as in Milan.
Heldenplatz1010 Vídeň, Rakousko

Official residence of the Habsburg Monarchy.
Domgasse 51010 Vídeň, Rakousko

In the Mozarthaus you will find an exhibition dedicated to the genious musical composer.

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Maria-Theresien-Platz1010 Vídeň, Rakousko

Historical Art museum full of art collections, thematical expositions and exhibitions. 
Straße des 1. Mai1020 Vídeň, Rakousko

The most famous austrian funpark in Vienna with a huge Ferris wheel.
Wienzeile1040 Vídeň, Rakousko

When you recommended this place I didn´t know what I was getting us into. Nacthmark is a really huge market. I´m not even sure how long it is. At least half a kilometer, but my guess is really bad :)
Anyway, you will find here fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, sweets, local delicacies, fast food, clothing and basically anything you could look for.

Shopping street
Maria hilfer strasse


This time we lived in hotel Ananas. Its average, but on it was for a great price. The other web we use to look for accommodation is


I reccomend going to Vienna by bus (studentagency). It´s cheap, comfy, and you have wifi most of the way (and a toilet). But if you decide to go by car, like we did the first time, I recommend leaving it at a P+R parking and continue by metro. Our friend reccommended it and she lives there for a few years now. 
Overview of P+R parking places is here ZDE.


Since it was my second visit to Vienna and the first one was really long ago, I asked you what do you recommend. And these were the answer. I hope it will help you as well.
Parndorf outlet
Motto am Flus
Sofitel hotel, bar on the tom floor
DC tower on the 58th floor
Eis greissler
Figlmuller restaurant
Cafe Central
Habsburg crypt, close to Albertina and Stephansplatz
Cafe Museum and their apfel strudel

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